Lubuski Urząd Wojewódzki

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Finance, Budget and Certyfication Department


  • Anna Maszkiewicz-Stawiarska

Secretary’s office

  • Ada Białobrzeska-Gucia
  • floor XIV, room 1401
  • phone: +48 95 711 56 04
  • fax: +48 95 711 52 99

Chief Budget Accountant of Lubuskie Province Governor

  • Ryszard Kołodziejski
  • floor VIII, room 834
  • phone: +48 95 711 55 47

The Department includes:

The tasks of the Department include:

  • preparing budget drafts for the Province Governor, including revenues and expenditure, as well as supervising the realization of the budget plan;
  • conducting periodical assessments of the realization of the tasks and the revenue and expenditure of units realizing the Province Governor’s budget;
  • conducting financial control in the units within the Province Governor’s budget and units subsidized by this budget;
  • administrating state funds within the scope of organizing and releasing funds received from the Ministry of Finance;
  • preparing collective reporting from realization of the budget, non-budgetary economy and tasks given to local government units;
  • managing aid funds payments;
  • realizing the State Treasury income by receiving fines imposed by authorized organs.
  • Managing matters connected to keeping a register and debt collection as a result of legalization fees and fines imposed by construction supervision, as regulated by the Construction Law.

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